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About CMH


Located in Chicago, Illinois and Minneapolis, Minnesota, CMH Sales, Inc. (“CMH”) is a manufacturers’ representative agency specializing in the Hardware Co-op, Farm Supply and Home Center sectors of the Midwest territory. We serve the consumer channel of distribution as a liaison between manufacturers and distributors.


With over fifty years of sales representation experience, CMH has become a recognized leader in the manufacturers’ representative marketplace. We realize that good sales and marketing practices are based on a harmonious partnership between manufacturers and distributors.


What does a business need to succeed? How can each client’s product be uniquely positioned and branded? Are there less costly alternatives? These are the questions that CMH asks first.




We strive daily to be the leading regional manufacturers’ representative organization and are committed to continuous improvement in all that we do.
We seek to attract, develop and retain high performance people and to deliver the highest quality work and value-added services in response to our clients’ needs and expectations.
Finally, CMH aims to assure the clients’ time and resources are spent in leading, not catching up.




CMH has sustained healthy growth and exceeded customer expectations through continued focus on customer requirements, responsiveness, and the ability to implement long-term sales and marketing strategies to receive the highest ROI.
We attribute our success to constantly holding to three key values:
Customer Relationship Management: “People buy from people.”
Understanding the diverse customer base in the Midwest market and catering to its specific needs through a hands-on approach, close customer contact, and personal one-on-one attention to detail.
Innovative Marketing Methodology:
Realizing that today’s representation business is more than just a simple relationship, it requires an end-to-end integrated marketing approach; this includes market research, product packaging, pricing and merchandising, account management, and customer service.
Commitment to Excellence:
Ensuring our corporate culture and compensation programs are directly tied to the achievement of our clients’ revenue goals. “The clients’ success is our success”.